Why water hyacinth floats on water surface?

What do you know about water hyacinth? But did you know why water hyacinth floats on water surface? In this article, we will talk about water hyacinths.

One of the important problems of today and our future One of the important ways to find a solution to thirst is the use of plants in wastewater treatment, which is one of the biological methods. In this study, one of the important plants in this biosystem water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) in wastewater treatment the positive and negative aspects of the use have been discussed and In addition to the related problems, suggestions for solutions are also mentioned.

Plants, one of the two major groups of the living world, It is the basic food source of humans and animals. Also plants, It is used in many areas from the pharmaceutical industry to perfumery, from the paper industry to the textile industry. In addition, as the air maintains the balance of CO2 and O2, especially with photosynthesis. It also has a wide range of benefits for the ecological balance of our world. Environment, which has been one of the biggest problems of humanity in recent years, Plants are tried to be used in the fight against pollution.

Water hyacinth, other than that paper-fiber board-basket weave manufacturing, coal briquetting, biogas production, as animal feed and fish feed consumption, such as use as fertilizer has many useful features, Successful to nature again after the plant’s lively contributions appears to be a recycling.

Why water hyacinth floats on water surface?

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water hyacinth floats on water surface explain

Belongs to the Pontederiaceae family and its latin name is Eichornia crassipes (March.) Solms. water hyacinth Its origin is the Amazon River originating from South America. The plant is tropical, subtropical, calm or mild in temperate climates seen in flowing waters (Auld and Medd 1987).

To combat environmental pollution and expensive techniques to improve the quality of life of communities and processes rather than existing in nature where biological systems can be used the idea has become widespread in recent years. started. Heavy in polluted waters to remove metals, Plants that store metals in their roots and rhizomes have gained importance. Water hyacinth among them (Eichornia crassipes) an enormous development and rapid spread in contaminated environments, inorganic cleaning substances and some organic substances from water is used more. Some scientific research can be explained as an example: by NASA in Mississippi preliminary laboratory trials, plant organic from domestic waste water absorbing substances at great speed and has shown that it can metabolize. Then these waste organic materials, use it in the synthesis of cell material.

Consequently, water hyacinth is a plant that is a divine result that grows on the water surface. It is a type of plant that works in water resources and environmental pollution thanks to its location on the water surface.

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